Lean Deployment

We help industries, manufacturing units and other business entities to deploy Lean Management and reap benefits. Some of the most common tools used are 5S, Kaizen, Kanban, Poke Yoke etc.,

Six Sigma Implementation

We would assist industries in keeping a vigilant control on their processes and monitories by implementing Six Sigma Methods. Some common tools used are FMEA, Design of Experiments, Value Stream mapping, Control Charts, 7 QC Tools etc.,

O-T-P-C Framework

O-T-P-C stands for “Outsource Training & Placement Cell”. Under this Framework we would take over all the activities of Training & Placement cell of Educational Institutions. We would be responsible for conducting training programs, seminars, corporate conferences, Placement drives and other related activities.

L-D-P-O Framework

L-D-P-O- stands for “Learning & Development Process Outsource”. Under this model we would take care of all the activities of Learnings & Development department of an MSME, Industry, Hotels, Hospitals or any other business unit. We would be responsible in conducting Technical & Non-Technical training programs, Seminars, Corporate conferences and other related activities.

Q-P-O Framework

Q-P-O stands for Quality Process Outsourcing. Under this model, we would take over the Quality Department of the Manufacturing Units or the hospitality business. We would be responsible in implementing quality methods like Lean Deployment, Six Sigma implementation, ISO Certification etc.,